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Are you really buying a bargain?

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Morganite - This soft peach gemstones popularity brings imitations online.

Glass purchased online as Morganite.

A client recently purchased a gemstone online as morganite and came to see me about a valuation and gemmological report. Morganite is a beautiful gemstone with good hardness and soft peachy tones perfect for spring jewellery. It is from the family of Beryl from which emerald also forms. Morganite has been gaining popularity recently and many jewellery stores are adding them to their collections.

After some gemmological tests I realised it was not a morganite but a very good glass imitation. I looked online an found many sites selling "morganite glass" jewellery and gemstones at very low prices, and somewhere in small print down the bottom printed imitation morganite. To the keen purchaser wanting this lovely gemstone at cheap price it would be easy to buy and not realise.

I am an advocate of DISCLOSURE at the point of sale however I am usually the one that discloses it after the sale, and an "I can't be bothered complaining" syndrome allows these companies to continue selling and misleading consumers online.

Morganite Gemmological Properties

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