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Whether it be private valuations or estate divisions, auctions and insurance valuations, we take a thorough, professional approach that gives all our customers confidence.

Our vast experience means we can offer valuations on stones as well as jewellery pieces and all their components


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Diamond Engagement Ring


This type of valuation is used mainly for insurance purposes and represents the likely replacement value of your item. If your jewellery is lost, stolen or damaged it would be insured at its replacement value. 

Vintage Ring


Valuations for estate purposes are valued at estimated disposal value. This value can vary depending on the condition of the item, rarity or desirability. We are very experienced in sorting out loved ones jewellery items into identifiable categories. 


Valuations for divorce settlement are required for Family Court Purposes and the value usually represents estimated disposal value. Instructions are given by the clients lawyer. 


Selling jewellery is often better received when it comes with a certified valuation certificate. 

Superannuation Purposes